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for women without children

You are probably here because you're finding it difficult to comes to terms with some aspect of being childless not by choice. Accepting the idea that the future you envisaged is not, or may not, be possible, is painful and can involve grief, loss and a process of readjustment. Living life without the children you hoped for can have social, physical, emotional and psychological impacts that may be unexpected. While none of us experiences being childless not by choice in quite the same way, it is common to experience feelings of grief, loss, heartache, anger, shame, frustration, loneliness.

We all need to tell our story and to be heard without judgement; it’s part of the healing process. You may have tried talking to friends and family, or even seeing other counsellors, but were left feeling that they didn’t really understand what things are like for you. At WomenHood, I work from a person centred framework which means that you and your story are always at the centre of our sessions together. I believe strongly in the inner knowing we all have about what is right for us, what is healing for us. Often, we can’t see what is right, or what is healing, because we get blocked by our grief, pain, uncertainty, exhaustion. My job as a counsellor is to support you through the difficult feelings and thoughts, so that you feel safe and strong enough to see and explore the things that will help you heal and thrive. I draw on evidence based counselling techniques to provide the structure and resources that will support your personal reflection and guide specific healing strategies.

It might be hard to imagine right now, but I can assure you that it is possible for women without children to heal the hurt and to build a fulfilling and meaningful life, and I look forward to walking alongside you as you do. Contact me to make an appointment or if you have further questions about counselling with me at WomenHood.


Face to Face Counselling

Face to face counselling for women who are childless not be choice is available on the Gold Coast at Varisty Lakes. I provide a private, comfortable space where you can feel safe to talk about whatever is troubling you. Our first session will be about making a connection and ensuring that you feel comfortable to share your story and confident that I can help you. Effective counselling is a collaborative and dynamic process. So, while I draw on a range of evidence based approaches to provide structure and strategies, there is no set formula and I'll be checking in with you to ask what is working for you, or what isn't, so that together we can work out how best to support you and reach your goals. I hold current professional counselling registration with PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia) so you can be assured that I undertake ongoing professional development and work within a professional ethical framework to maintain the high standards you expect of a professional counsellor.

Face to face sessions are available on Saturdays, by appointment. Your initial session will be 90 minutes so we have time to get a good understanding of what's happening for you and to make a support plan. Following sessions will be for 60 minutes each. You're welcome to contact me to book an appointment, or for a free, no obligations chat prior to making your first appointment. Sometimes having that first chat can help put you at ease and answer any key questions you might have about counselling with me at WomenHood.

My rooms at Varisty Lakes are spacious and we use a HEPA air filter and implement Covid safe practices. If you have any questions about working together face to face, please don't hesitate to ask.


Online Video Counselling

Online Video Counselling is available for women without children who live locally or interstate in Australia. While it’s not the same as sitting in a room together, you might be surprised by how easy it is to talk and build a rapport using video counselling. In fact, some women find it even easier to talk and open up when they’re sitting at home in their own comfortable environment. Being face to face on the screen can quite easily create a sense of being in our own private space and we can start our counselling work quite quickly. Online counselling is just as effective as face to face counselling for most situations. As with face to face counselling, we need to ensure privacy and confidentiality to create a safe space to work together. I use software that is secure and encrypted and when we arrange an appointment I'll send you a confirmation email with a link that you'll need to use for our online counselling session.

There are a few extra things to consider with online counselling, both for me as a counsellor and for you to access the service safely and with the right equipment. Please click here to read my Online Counselling Information sheet and to gauge if online counselling is for you. In line with the Ethical Standards for registered counsellors, I've undertaken additional training in providing counselling online and I have experience working in this format. We can confidently work with most issues using online counselling, however if your problem is very distressing or in crisis point, you may be best to start with face to face counselling. After reading the Information Sheet, feel free to contact me to book an appointment, or for a free, no obligations chat to see if online counselling is suitable for you.

Online sessions are by appointment. Your initial session will be 90 minutes so that we have time to get a good understanding of what's happening for you and to make a support plan. Following sessions will be for 60 minutes each.


Fees and payment

Individual counselling charges:

Initial counselling session - $165 for 90 minutes *as at 1/7/23
Subsequent counselling sessions - $110 for 60 minutes (online), $130 for 60 minutes (face to face) *as at 1/7/23

For face to face counselling, payment is required at the conclusion of each session by EFTPOS or cash.

For online counselling, you will receive an electronic invoice at the end of the session for payment to be made via debit/credit card using Square secure payment system.

I am registered with Medibank Private and AHM Private Health Funds to provide counselling services. If you have the relevant cover for counselling with either of these funds you may be eligible for a rebate. You will need to check your cover with your health fund to see what you are eligible for. My Medibank / AHM Provider Number will be provided to you when I invoice you.

Fees for Groups and Workshops vary depending on the program. A deposit for Groups and Workshops is required to secure your place in the group, and then the balance will be invoiced and payment can be made via debit/credit card using Square secure payment system.

If you have any questions about fees and payment, please feel free to get in touch with me via the Contact page.